“Some things are taught and many other ones are learned from experience”.


Is very important to review constantly the vocabulary that has been taught. The same effort that we put in teaching new vocabulary is the one we need to have in keeping the vocabulary they have acquired fresh in their memory. Words will then start to come out naturally with little effort.

Ultimately what we look for is to add complexity to their knowledge. We instruct by putting together vocabulary like a puzzle, incorporating words that allow them to start describing and talking about themselves, as well as their family, animals, and surroundings.

Flow of the Day 

  1. Use the “Hola” song to start the day and initiate a greeting conversation.
  2. Spend a few minutes reviewing some vocabulary, sing the songs and play simple “Question and Answer” games.
  3. Sing the song of the “subject” you are focusing on and play some games on the rug where children are being encouraged to use the words.
  4. Sing the “Adios” song. You can highlight some of the phrases of the song to say good-bye, as “Nos vemos después” (I will see you later). Eventually, you can replace the word “adios” for “Chao” or “Hasta luego”.

More Tips

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